Hydro-Jex™ remedial heap treatment is a new way to get more metal out of your old heap leach pad

Hydro: Use of Water Chemistry in the Process

Compatible with:
  • Leaching at High pH for Gold Leaching
  • Gold Recovery in Carbon in Columns (CIC)
  • Leaching at Low pH for Copper, Zinc, Uranium Recovery

Jex: Short for InJection and

U.S. patents pending Learn more about technology
Process of Hydro-Jex™ metal inventory recovery
Hydro-Jex™ Treatment Short Info

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Date: November 02, 2011

MRS Introduction

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Date: November 02, 2011

About Inventor

Barric Gold Corp. Professor
President & CEO of Metal Recovery Solutions, Inc.
Metal Recovery Solutions, Inc.
P.O. Box 8353 Spring Creek, NV 89815
(510) 418-5779


  • B.S. Oregon State – Corvallis, Oregon: General Science; Environmental Chemistry – 1975
  • M.S. University of Idaho – Moscow, Idaho: Metallurgical Engineering – 1988
  • Ph.D. University of Idaho – Moscow, Idaho: Mininmg Engineering – Metallurgy – 2004
  • Professional Engineer (PE) – Mining – Mineral Processing Nevada - 2002